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Fall / Winter Tours

Top off your skiing weekend away with a trip to the farm!


Visit and interact with our animals in their cozy indoor enclosures and outside enjoying the snow in our pastures, learn about how animals stay warm in winter, and so much more. And not to worry, you will still get to learn about honeybees and how wool is made, just in an indoor setting!

At the end of each Fall and Winter tour, hot chocolate will be offered to all guests!

Winter tours range anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the size of your group and how much time is spent at each checkpoint). 



Our animals are the highlight of our winter tours. From chickens to horses and goats to sheep, there is something for everyone! Learn about how animals stay warm in winter and more!

Image by Annie Spratt
Winter Snow

Enjoy All The Farm Has to Offer

The garden comes inside in winter! Learn about seed starting, over-winter crops, fall sowing, and more. Enjoy our wonderful fleece display and beehive education!

Image by Tim Gouw
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