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Aberdeen Acres Homestead

Family Milk Cows

When it comes to choosing a family milk cow for your homestead, you want to make sure you are getting her from a trustworthy, reputable source. Aberdeen Acres aims to give you a wonderful, seamless experience when searching for your first family milk cow.

Cow and Her Calf

Adopting our first family milk cow, Marmalade, at Aberdeen Acres was a lengthy and arduous process. Supportive information on breeding, healthcare, and general maintenance available to small-scale breeders and owners in Ontario was hard to come by. We want to use our own knowledge to make your first family milk cow experience the best one possible!

Our family dairy cow program aims to provide healthy, well-adjusted, well-trained, and well-mannered heifers (cows that have not had their first calf) to the Ontario homesteading community. Each of our heifers comes with the following when adopted:

- 3 nylon halters and a lead rope to accommodate their growth over their first 2 years of life

- Halter and lead training 

- An information package on each individual heifer

- A healthcare information package (including what to watch for in terms of illness, body condition scoring, and breeding information)

- A lifetime of online supportive care!

Breeding packages are available for heifers that are over the age of 16 months. Please contact us for more details.

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